ERP Project Recovery & Rescue

Avoid ERP failure with proactive implementation

History has taught us that even the best thought-out plans can result in compromised or even failed digital transformation initiatives. Some notable examples include:


Revlon found out the hard way that their recently implemented SAP ERP system had been riddled with issues. As a result, Revlon experienced a fallout that cost them valuable retail sales and hindered their operations. Once the Revlon ERP failure was announced, their stock fell by 6.9% in 24 hours.

Clark County School District

Not long after launching the district’s new Human Capital Management and payroll ERP platform, employees reported dramatic issues in their paychecks. Their ERP implementation failure highly impacted the livelihoods of educators and administrative staff at the 5th largest school district in the nation.

What Are the Signs of an ERP Project Failure?

It can be hard to pinpoint the exact cause of ERP failure, especially when your business is operationally impacted and there is plenty of blame to go around. Know what signs to look for in an ERP project failure and when to give us a call to help. 

Some of the common themes in the expert witness cases above and project recoveries we are involved with include:

  • Inadequate planning, lack of foresight, and operational vision from project management
  • Ineffective organizational change management resulting in resistance to change
  • Not properly vetting software capabilities and associated process workflow
  • Poor management of ERP implementation costs and actual delivery progress
  • Implementation partner prioritizing their speed over value and continuity
  • Not enough importance or attention to data quality issues

Our ERP Rescue and Recovery Services address a broad range of ERP failures that are often a result of:

  • Complete operational disruption
  • Poor alignment
  • Lack of user buy-in
  • Undefined scopes
  • Strategy that ignores the impact on cross-functional and downstream processes
  • Poor change management
  • And more

Projects We’ve Saved from Failure

Each business is unique in the ERP software solution they use for their business, which means every ERP project recovery and rescue is going to be different. Our wealth of experience and system agnostic approach allows us to work with any system you use and help resuscitate compromised projects. 

We can help with major enterprise ERP solutions or other best-in-breed integrated solutions listed below.


MD Dynamics CRM
NetSuite CRM

Single Sign On (SSO)

Oracle ESSO
MS Azure

Talent Acquisition

Oracle Recruiting Cloud
LinkedIn Recruiting
SAP Success Factor


Intuit QuickBooks

Supply Chain/Warehouse Mgmt

Manhattan Associates
DSI Cloud Inventory WMS


Maintenance Connect
Carl Software

Governance Risk Compliance Solutions (GRC)

All-Out Security

  • Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance Manager (EGRCM)
  • Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance Controls (EGRCC)
  • Application Access Controls Governor (AACG)

Don’t see your ERP system on our list? Not a problem. Please reach out to us and we can talk through your specific system.

When to Call Executive Option

Every year, companies invest in and embark on implementing ERP software solutions to optimize their operations and business processes. It goes without saying that the initiative’s health and continuity is highly dependent on its successful implementation.

With almost 30 years of experience, coupled with proven methodologies and specialized skills, we can confidently strategize a tailored approach that guarantees a smooth and successful ERP implementation or remediation—where we are called upon to support compromised ERP projects.

Regardless of stage of your ERP implementation initiative, we are equipped to provide tangible results, such as:

  • Tailored ERP Implementation Planning
  • Strategized assessment of compromised projects
  • Wholistic Go-Live readiness and data integrity assessment
  • Security, compliance, post-deployment audit
  • ERP project implementation
  • Dynamic remediation of compromised ERP projects

How We Can Help

Our decades of cross-industry and global experience makes us the ideal partner for your ERP implementation or project recovery. 

Here’s what you can expect:

An Honest Evaluation

We deliver an honest evaluation of your ERP projects – even ones other ERP consulting firms claim cannot be fixed.Our broad industry experience enables us to proactively recognize when things are going south so we can prevent pitfalls that could lead to project failures. 

Once a client presents us with their project, we can identify solutions with the most potential to meet your unique business needs and provide the most business value. These may not be quick and easy fixes. We deliver hard truths that may be less evident to those closest to the project, so we can get to the root of the problem. This is better for your business long-term because we can identify project risks and avoid future bottlenecks. 

From our evaluation, we provide optimized workflows and business processes that will be especially helpful to the functionality of your team.

A Partner You Can Trust

When you partner with Executive Option for ERP implementation or remediation, we work to successfully collaborate and seamlessly integrate with your team to establish trust. Some practical ways we achieve this is by:

  • Offering a true partnership that fosters collaboration and accountability
  • Using a system agnostic approach where we are advising based on what’s truly best for the client
  • Providing vendor management and oversight
  • Representing the client to stakeholders and third parties

Often, ERP implementations fail because more emphasis was placed on the ERP software solution than the human element. We look at the requirements of the future system, the organizational structure, and how the organization interacts across departments with their workflows and processes, but we also consider factors hindering the collaboration required for a successful ERP implementation, like siloed teams and communication barriers.

As your trusted partner, we work to provide clarity and guidance to help teams understand the direction forward for successful remediation.

A System Agnostic Approach

If you need to implement new ERP systems or stabilize and optimize an existing, inefficient system, we can do both. Our approach is system agnostic because we are relentlessly interested in the best solution for your business’ specific needs. We can discern the difference between an issue specific to the client’s ERP system and one associated with business processes or an ineffective implementation.

Using a methodical, time-tested approach, we offer ERP implementation rescue services to streamline processes, helping you proactively maintain a stable, optimized environment.  

Minimal Disruption

Many clients come to us when they are in need of a discrete solution to a failing or behind-schedule project that is causing financial and/or resource fatigue within their organization. 

Even during the most challenging projects, we aim to minimize disruptions for your employees and business. With a focus on stabilization, we prioritize the most critical areas and strategically use the client’s staff, so they can concentrate on their job without distraction.

We want to help your business continue running smoothly for your employees and your customers. We work to minimize disruption and keep your business on track, without attracting attention.

Client Testimonials

Andrew Duffy Director, Strategic Project Implementation and Support/Station Casinos

EO is driven by their client-centric approach and was extremely responsive to all the areas of the enterprise and various departments. Often each area had varying needs and concerns, but with a firm but delicate touch, EO addressed and delivered the enterprise with surgical precision tailored for each group(s) and individual constituents. all deliverables, opinions and facts were in the best interest of our needs and enterprise goals. EO basically became de-facto STN team members and acted in our best interest(s).

Dr. Chris Bernier Chief of Staff/Clark County School District

Executive Option broke down barriers within our internal departments and teams by encouraging a highly collaborative environment that CCSD still has today. They became part of the team with he same goals and outcomes for success. As a result, a system that was truly non-functional and rudderless at the time of entry was not only functional but focused on improving the system in very short order.

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