Clark County School District

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The Story of CCSD

After a compromised ERP rollout, CCSD faced multiple challenges that directly impacted the District and its staff. Issues with the new payroll system resulted in pay discrepancies leaving teachers frustrated and some facing financial straits, resulting in public scrutiny and a poor public perception of the implementing vendor and the District. 

Why CCSD Chose Executive Option

Having garnered a reputation for successfully traversing some of the most complex implementation and recovery projects, Executive Option was referred to CCSD by a recent client who clearly understood the District’s predicament. 

Executive Option was engaged to drive the stabilization and remediation of the project while guiding the implementing vendor to get the District’s project back on track. Leveraging almost 30 years of experience in driving remediation/salvage initiatives where larger, well-known firms came up short in implementing solutions for their client, Executive Option was able to navigate the highly politicized environment while collaboratively leading District staff and vendors to successful remediation, resulting in an ongoing partnership with the District and garnering respect for the staff and associated vendor community. 

How Executive Option Responded

Executive Option developed a strategic approach tailored to CCSD's situation.

Considering the impact on District staff, the approach involved identifying and addressing the root cause to prevent further adverse effects on data integrity and operational health. Upon engagement, Executive Option formulated an all-hands collaborative to generate consensus on the current state and define a strategic roadmap to remediation. The Executive Option project manager consolidated accountability by becoming the single point of escalation and direction, mitigating project and operational risks while increasing cross-departmental collaboration.

Executive Option served as a lead representative during School Board Meetings by providing updates and gaining support from the staff, the School Board, and the public. Through proactive and strategic project management and cultivating a true partnered environment, Executive Option gained the confidence and trust of the client as well as respect from the vendor community as the project began to show signs of stabilization. 

The Results

A sensitive and unstable environment quickly shifted into a collaborative engagement with the District and other vendors resulting in teachers being paid, a pathway to speedy stabilization, and a fortified partnership between the District and Executive Option. Executive Option negotiated over $1M from the implementer in the form of remediation efforts and continued support while maintaining a highly functioning and collaborative relationship with them. CCSD has engaged in several other projects with Executive Option with the expectation and understanding that they are a trusted advisor with the District’s best interest as the priority. Upon completing each project, CCSD has been left in a better position and stronger as an organization.

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