Clark County School District



Elementary Schools: Aggie Roberts Elementary School & Eileen Conners Elementary School.

Middle Schools: Kathleen and Tim Harney Middle School & Wilbur and Theresa Faiss Middle School.

High Schools: Canyon Springs High School & Western High School.

Nomination Period: October 2, 2023 – March 21, 2024.

$10,000 Scholarship Application Period: October 1, 2023 – January 31, 2024.


CCSD High School Seniors: (1) $10,000 scholarship

K – 12 CCSD Students

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$500 Scholarship

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Gift Cards

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School Supplies


October 2, 2023 – March 21, 2024

CCSD Nomination Period

October 2, 2023 – March 21, 2024

October 1, 2023 – January 31, 2024

CCSD $10,000 Scholarship Application Period

October 1, 2023 – January 31, 2024

April – May 2024

All Winners Will Be Announced

April – May 2024


The RARE Award was created by Executive Option to commend remarkable students who are making efforts to excel in and out of the classroom. Students will have a chance to apply or be nominated by their school staff for demonstrating resilience and determination. Prize packages awarded to selected students will include school supplies, technology, or scholarships to help them continue to thrive.

Executive Option is sponsoring the RARE Award. Executive Option has been a leading provider of business and Information Technology (IT) solutions for over 27 years.

The list of participating RARE x CCSD schools for 2023-2024 are:

  1. Elementary Schools: Aggie Roberts Elementary School and Eileen Conners  Elementary School.
  2. Middle Schools: Kathleen and Tim Harney Middle School Wilbur and Theresa Faiss  Middle School. 
  3. High Schools: Canyon Springs High School & Western High School.
  1. The only application for RARE x CCSD is the $10,000 scholarship portion that is only open to high school seniors at Canyon Springs High school and Western High school. To apply visit this link on the PEF website on October 1st.
  2. Nominations are separate from the $10K scholarship application. To nominate a student, you must be a staff member at a participating school. Use this link to nominate a student.
  1. Students attending the participating K-12 schools are eligible.
  2. Teachers and school staff can nominate students.
  3. Nominations will be through CCSD.
10K Scholarship:
  1. Seniors attending the participating high schools are eligible.
  2. Students apply on their own accord.
  3. Application will be through the Public Education Foundation.

Qualifications for the $10K scholarship are that individual must be a senior student at the following schools:

  1. CCSD - Canyon Springs High School and Western High School.
  2. Applications for the CCSD $10k scholarship will be open on October 1st.
  3. The RARE Award Scholarships can be found on the Public Education Foundation website.

Qualifications for the CCSD student nominations:

  1. To be nominated, you must be a student at the participating schools.
  2. Nominations must be made by teachers and school staff from the participating schools.
  3. Nominations must be made using the CCSD form that will be linked on the RARE website.

Unfortunately, we are not accepting applications nor nominations from schools not on the list for this year’s RARE award.

  1. You are eligible to apply for the $10k scholarship on the PEF website.
  2. You are eligible to be nominated by school staff for other prizes.

To nominate a student, please use the nomination link that is linked on the RARE website.

No, the students must apply on their own on the PEF portal. If you feel a student is deserving of the award, we encourage you to encourage them to apply.

Yes, a student may not receive more than one (01) prize package.

2.0 GPA is required to apply for the $10k scholarship.

Students can visit the Public Education Foundation to check the status of their application.

Upon approval of enrollment verification and after the school processes the award.

No, all applications & nominations will be reviewed. It doesn’t make you ineligible. The RARE  committee has internal policies that will ensure a fair opportunity for both prizes.

Teachers and school staff from participating schools are eligible to nominate a student.. Peers, family or parents may not nominate.

  1. Students’ personal information will only be visible to CCSD and PEF staff.
  2. The RARE committee will review applications and nominations where personal information has been removed.

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